You Can “CUT The Chord!”   
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It’s not JUST Kodi, or the box,



The machine in the factory shuts down and everyone is out of work and the factory is closed.  The call the repairman in to serevice the machine.  He lookls at and studies the situation for a while.  He then pulls out a hammer and hits the machine in a precise spot.  The machine starts back up and the factory is back in business.  He gives management a bill for $500.  The manager says - “What do you mean $500?  I need an ITEMIZED BILL! The repairmanman then says “Hitting the machine with a hammer $5  -  Knowing WHERE TO HIT - $495! Simply Speaking, There is Kodi and Kodi boxes and devices available all over the place.  I have spend hours trying to get the MOST CONTENT out of the boxes and can help you!!
Kodi King
There will be alot of help videos and tips to follow in the next few days.  In the meantime, many of you have asked about the VPN.  The one that I have had the most luck with is IPVanish.  The purpose of the VPN is to hide or mask your real IP address.  This is really important when you are using Kodi.  It is also a great thing to have when you are using the internet on your phone or PC.  Once you have it, it will basically tell the internet that you are located somewhere else and hides your identity.  Really important on public WIFI.  When you install it, set it up from your computer (its easier).  Then you can download the app into what ever devices you want to use it in ( I beleive you can use it on 5),  then either connect it just prior to surfing, or in the case of the boxes, have it auto-connect whenever the box is on.  This is the best way.  You should set it for “Best Server” in the US (or Canada if yyou are there).  I will post a video shortly to show you how. Click on either pic below to sign up!